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We took the first step in the ceramic world in the year 1981. Since its initiation, Corona has managed to keep up and innovate with the constantly changing needs of the ceramic industry. From adorning wall tiles, simple yet aesthetic floor tiles to rich and lavish designs in sanitary wares, Corona has it all.

The main aim of Corona is to add value and enhance lifestyles. It has had a very long journey in the industry and it strives to achieve more. As being a part of society we believe that every single person concerned with our business is a valuable asset for us and so they deserve only the best value for their investment and their trust.


Our Company Profile

We entered into the ceramic business in the year 1981 and our company’s Name was Kalyan Tiles. It manufactured roof tiles and ceramic fuse . Slowly and gradually it expanded into different industries manufacturing different ceramic products including sanitary ware, wall tiles and floor tiles. CORONA industry first entered in the ceramic world manufacturing vitrified tiles and now it excels in manufacturing porcelain tiles, sanitary ware products and wall tiles.

The tradition and experience of CORONA is constantly renewed by fresh design ideas and innovation. This is all founded on a solid ceramics tradition, skills that have been backed up over time by more and more sophisticated production technology generating infinite solutions with exclusive designs.


  • Stain resistance tiles with nano technology
  • Equipped with the best hi-tech laboratory
  • State of art technology in manufacturing process
  • An ISO (9001-2008) Certified Company

Message from the CMD

Dearest you,

Corona ushered the new age ceramic technology in India, revolutionalizing the very concept of the Tile usage.

Be it nano coating on vitrified tiles to render it stain free or introducing rich and aesthetic porcelain tiles, Corona has led the industry from the front with it’s creative and innovative offering in all segments of ceramic market.

Come, explore Corona and discover the surprices we have lined up for you. Our portfolio of products will certainly spark your imagination leading to realize your dream of a beautiful home exactly as per your taste.

Happy surfing,

Warm regards,

Our Plant

Production facilities

In order to create quality products, the production setup as well as the production process must be qualitative. Corona has brought in the best production facilities with massive capacity and state-of-the-art machinery.

    Facilities for size 600*600 mm

  • Capacity:8000 sq. mtr per day
  • Kiln : 151 mtr long and 4mtr wide from zhongyao
  • Press: PH 5000L tons from SACMI
  • Vertical dryer from Gambarelli
  • Polishing line: 48 heads from Kelid for polishing 24 heads from Kelid for calibration
  • Polishing facility with nano technology from Nade Machine Tools
  • Squaring machine and chamfering machine from Keda

Research and Development

Meeting international standards as well as technical specifications in the ceramic industry can be a crucial task if not properly planned. Securing third-party approvals might heedlessly delay product launch plans and increase overhead costs. With a well equipped in-house lab, product adjustments can be done in an instant according to standards.

Corona’s research and development laboratory is well equipped in terms of sheer complexity and size. The R&D facility has the best setup for conducting accurate testing on its products to meet international standards and certification requirements. The R&D facility provides immense benefits in terms of improved economies of scale, quick identification of product flaws, and enough time for marketing of modified or new products. The lab is well equipped with several testing instruments and apparatus managed with assured and comprehensive quality control.


  • Oven / Dryer : Used for drying material at 250?C max. temperature – L.T.C. Company, Ahmedabad , India
  • Sieves : For checking of slip residue, material residue and granulometry of spray dryer powder – Jayant Company, Mumbai , India
  • Digital Vernier Caliper : For checking thickness of tiles – Yuri Company, India
  • Hydraulic Press ( manual) : For making buttons of raw material and body powder – Samay Engineering , Morbi , India
  • Pot Mill : Used for grinding the material – Samay Engineering , Morbi ,India
  • Viscosity Cup ( Fourd Cup ): For checking the viscosity of liquid material – Ahmedabad, India
  • Density Bottle (Pyconometer) : For checking Density of material – Ahmedabad , India
  • Hot Plate : Used for drying the material to check the chemical analysis of it – S.P.M Scientific instruments company , Ahmedabad , India
  • Flame Photometer 128 :To check chemical analysis ( K2O and Na2O ) in the material – Systronics LTD company , Ahmedabad , India
  • Gloss Meter : Used for checking of gloss value of finished product – China
  • Vernier Caliper : For checking the size and diagonal of tiles – Yuri Company, India

Nano Technology

This effect is achieved by applying very light and hard organic nano particles, onto the surface of polished tiles. These nano particles combine with the tile substance to form an organic nano film with high density and stability.

The high surface sheen of nano tiles also creates a protective layer that covers any air holes or tiny rifts in the surface of the tile, so dirt cannot penetrate the tiles and they are easier to keep clean. The granular material of the protective layer enhances the tiles’ durability and slip resistance making them suitable for domestic and commercial purposes.

Nano technology in tiles involves a process that treats the tiles’ surface to increase the sheen, to enhance the colour and improve protection against staining and marking.


  • Stain resistance
  • Durable
  • Slip and skid resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • Increases the sheen
  • Enhances the colour
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